I remember the first time I heard the words, “You oughtta charge admission!”  It was a sunny, Sunday afternoon in 2014 and Scott and I were in the alpaca pen loving on a brand-new baby alpaca.  Pearl was fuzzy with a funny pink nose.  Her momma, Escalada, was protective and was barely putting up with my advances toward the new baby.  When I turned around, over a half dozen bodies lined the fence around the alpaca pen.  Neighbors, friends, and friends of friends had received word that Escalada had given birth and had made the trip to 10 Rim Road to see the new cria.  That’s the moment that somebody standing along the fence said the words
You oughtta charge admission”… 

Prior to this sunny Sunday afternoon, I had entertained the idea that people would come see our animals, but I had huge doubts as to whether people would actually pay to see our critters.  I had shared my daydreaming with Scott and, as always, his support was unconditional and his willingness was immediate.  But neither of us knew whether we had a real business concept or the skills needed to bring it to fruition.  When Scott and I heard those words said aloud by someone other than us, the courage to move forward in Faith took hold.


I love having these animals.  They soothe my soul.  When thinking about our “business,” I wanted other people to have the same feeling.  Scott and I sat down to develop some goals and formulate a business plan.  There was a list of things that went into that initial document, but the concept that was put into writing that day which has remained our number one priority is this:  We want Wassermann Wranch to be a blessing to others.   Yep, that was (and still is) our mission statement.   


Whether it is naïve or lofty I’m not sure…but it works.  We aren’t rich; however, we have everything we need and a lot of what we want.  When we head out to give a tour with our mission statement in mind, the experience transcends a mere business transaction.  We make friends.  We have the privilege of touching lives in a positive way.  People experience joy, wonder, and sometimes even peace.