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Adventures on the Wranch

First Time in the Saddle

I asked him how old he was. “Five!” he replied holding up all the fingers on one hand to assist my understanding of his declaration.   I opened the gate to start our Wranch tour andthe young visitor’s body stiffened.  Hestood perfectly still.  The little darkhaired bundle of enthusiasm became tree-like, overwhelmed by the sight of agroup of our alpacas running across the yard to meet him. 


Gabby's Story

Scott and I were thinking about going to the movies one evening back in August, 2016, when the phone rang.  I heard him ask "How old isit?" followed by a couple of mmm-hmm's ending with an "OK, we'll beright there."  Our neighbors hadbeen listening to the cries of a baby Aoudad near their house for three daysand their hearts were about to burst so they had decided to give us a call.


Thank God for Donkeys

I found Zipper this morning. He was laying on his side in the donkey shelter. His eyes were hazed over, and his tummy was bloated. He had been gone for quite a while; he likely passed shortly after chores last night. How could this big, strong, beautiful donkey be gone in just a flash? A flash for me, probably hours of anguish for him. I didn’t know he was in trouble. I didn’t know.

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My husband, daughter and I visited there a few weeks ago. We are still telling people about our wonderful visit. Thank you for sharing this with everyone. Especially loved the "joey" - she was so cute. Bastian was my favorite though. If he could talk, the stories he could tell. Thanks -

The Stanley Family

Recently got to visit this wonderful little animal farm. Heidi was so accommodating and lovely. It was easy to find, had a private afternoon tour and loved every minute of it! The array of animals was wonder[ful] and they were all so friendly. Highly recommended for anyone passing thru Alpine!

Jessica Lavender

So fun! Well worth the trip. Owners are friendly, incredibly knowledgeable and love and care for the animals amazingly. A beautiful setting for an excellent experience.

Mark Rushing


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Q: Are there private tour upgrade packages?
A: We offer tailored experiences to fit your individual preference.

Q: Can we take pictures?
A: YES! We love seeing you and our animals in the spotlight. Make sure and tag us: @WassermannWranch #WassermannWranch

Q: Do you provide therapy animals?
A: Indeed! Our animals make for amazing companions during stressful and difficult times and provide comfort and relief to those who need unconditional love.


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